Kelly Tran

Game designer, writer, and consultant.


I'm an academic turned designer working on videogames and TTRPGs.I’ve worked at mobile studios Tuxedo Games and Evolved Play where I helmed projects in the roleplaying, puzzle, and educational genres. I'm currently a Game Design consultant with Mobile Game Doctor, and I do freelance design and writing work, most recently for Meta.

Game Design

Professional Experience

As a Game Design Consultant at Mobile Game Doctor, I help global teams tackle challenges that range from milestone management and ideation to implementation and testing.As Principal Applied Designer at Evolved Play, I worked on all aspects of our game from prototyping to documentation to tuning.

Personal Projects

The best way to find my personal projects is through my page. I experiment with narrative and experience in games.


I write for tabletop games, including 5E and original systems. Below are links to personal titles, please contact me for samples or information about further work.


Get in touch! Send me an e-mail or connect with me on social media. I am currently available for both design consulting and writing work.